Compression Socks for Running
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Compression Socks for Running: Why?

Compression socks are a fast-selling product on the market today; it is proven to work for some people, let’s take a look at how it works.

What are compression socks?

Runners most often wear compression socks as it is said to have hidden benefits. Compression socks are a tight elastic sock, usually worn up to the knee area. It feels as if it is suffocating the veins on your legs allowing blood to flow back to your heart easier and quicker.

Compression socks have been here for a relatively long time. They go way back even in medical professions as patients who are dealing with lack of mobility in the leg area uses it to increase circulation in such areas. For instance, my grandmother wore it every day for two years straight; she is walking much better than before!


For athletes, compression socks are known to elevate and quicken the recovery process after the post-mortem of running. Additionally, one of the leading benefits is that it makes your muscles less tense and sore, during the process of exercising.

Because the sock compression goes up to the knee area, this would allow runners to keep their legs shielded from the coldness during winter. If you are lazy to wear tights during a specific day, you can opt for shorts instead.

Do they work?

The argument whether the compression socks work or not often leads to a grilling and intense debate. For some runners, they have argued that the socks have increased their recovery rate while the others said it has not even slight effects.

compression socks

Most agreed that compression socks do not have many benefits on an individual’s performance during the process of running, but it is said to benefit regularly in the recovery process. There is indeed no harm wearing it, if it works for you, by all means, wear it!

My experience

I am an avid runner hence I decided to give the compression socks a try! I wore it throughout an entire run during a sunny summer morning. In my experience, surprisingly I didn’t feel much muscle soreness during the next day. It even felt as if I didn’t hit the gym the day before.


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