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Why We Love Italy (And So Should You!)

No amount of photos, talks, books, and statements will ever do Italy justice. Italy is a place beaming with deep classical roots.

It’s rich culture and cities embedded with romantic historical upbringings.

It is undoubtedly beautiful in photos but even more attractive if you view it with your real eyes. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Italy with my family.

Having the opportunity to experience the merit of Italy without any lens was one that I will never forget. The remnants of Italy certainly has a valuable place in my heart.

Family traditions and inherited upbringings

Everywhere you go, especially on sunny Sunday mornings, families are taking walks, eating, laughing and sharing their stories together.

Everyone seems connected with the same goal in mind- happiness. Being able to observe these acts resonated in my mind which cracked a smile on my face.

Marini's on 57

Value and comfort in the simplest tasks

Just walking around the streets will immediately warm your heart.

Reason being, everyone here is so optimistic and friendly. In every step you go, you’ll feel welcomed and invited, even during conversations with strangers.

Often after dinner, we would unwind and loosen up by chilling on the premises of the parks while we look at musicians jamming out to their music. Even a regular day like this feels warm.

Marini's on 57

Italian food

If you are unable to visit Italy at this current rate, as a short-term solution, you could visit top Italian restaurants in KL.

You could call me a food addict or an avid food blogger as I tend to hop to a few different restaurants daily.

I would highly recommend Marini’s on 57 . You can make your reservation here today:

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You will be paying for both the view and the scrumptious dishes- definitely more than worth it. 

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Overall, I fell in love with the whole culture and tradition in Italy. If I have the chance soon, I will consider making a living here as this place touched my heart.