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Using the 5 Blade Cartridge: A Shaves2U Review

Before I begin this Shaves2U review, I would like to clarify that I have been subscribing to a Shaves2U plan for a few months already. Since I used their products, shaving has been more convenient and easier, and most definitely cheaper!

However, the point of this Shaves2U review isn’t about their free trial kit or their Awesome Shave Kit. It’s about their five-blade cartridges.

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Allow me to explain.

Since I started my Shaves2U subscription plan, I’ve always used their three-blade cartridges. I’ve never put much thought into the options they’ve given, and it wasn’t until my friend (another Shaves2U subscriber) told me that switching to a five-blade cartridge would suit me better.

At first, I thought that there wouldn’t be much difference between a three-blade and a five-blade, but oh, was I so wrong.

Using the five-blade cartridges

The five-blade has an aloe lubricating strip and the Accublade Trimmer system. It also shaves a larger area than the three-blade cartridge.

Shaves2u review Trial Kit | Shaves2U

As a guy with an almost full beard, the five-blade works better for me with its double-coated blade. Even when I don’t shave daily, the five-blade works like a charm.

Since I switched to using the five-blade cartridge, my shaving has a smoother finish and an overall better experience. Shaving every morning feels less of a chore now!


I never knew that switching to a different blade would have such a difference. I am also surprised by Shaves2U’s quality and efficiency. The quality of this razor blades all can be accessible at their website

I’m glad I subscribed to Shaves2U that gives me so much freedom in changing my subscription plans. I hope this Shaves2U review will make others consider using their products too.