Budget Smartphones to Buy

Tips to Find the Smartphone Worth Buying

Most of us can relate, when it is time for the latest smartphone, it seems easier than it really is. Lots of brands and in addition they all have multiple models, but other than the fancy color, there are several points to consider while looking for the correct smartphone. This site offers you with a few great tips that you ought to take into consideration when purchasing a smartphone.

Operating System

In essence, you can find 3 main categories of operating system, namely Android, iOS, as well as Microsoft. However, only iOS and Android would be the well known Operating system now. If you want an uncomplicated and easy-to-use interface, go after iOS. However, if you want to make adjustments and prefer a broader variety of brand – like Oppo, Vivo & more: try using Android.

Smartphone Size

Vivo V7 Plus Malaysia
Vivo V7+ is an example of a great Android smartphone with an amazingly large display.

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Size matters, moreover your smartphone screen. If you are the type of person who likes to play games and watching videos for several hours, a much bigger screen is right for you. However, if you’d prefer a phone that simply fits in your pocket, you ought to consider investing in a smaller smartphone than the 5.5-inch iPhones S.

Display Quality

First off, you need to comprehend that bigger screen does not always mean better display. Simply because, for display, the color quality and screen brightness are way more important in comparison to the screen resolution itself. So, pay extra attention when you get your hands on any smartphone at a shop.


Today we have come to a heavily contested feature, that is the camera performance. Most smartphones today endeavor to pack the most impressive available camera inside their mobile. Soon, you are going to recognize that in terms of the number of megapixels, bigger doesn’t mean better. An effective indicator of camera quality will be the excellence of the image processor on the lens. Vivo smartphones have reached their own league, offering not just one, but double lens which weaves out a fabric of ultra superior quality visuals. For moments of the perfect selfie, Vivo has the best smartphone camera and emerge as the clear winner in this phone category.

Data Storage

Nowadays, a particular image will have a size of 2MB. Considering the number of pics and vids we take, and then the applications and games installed, data storage capacity will not be taken lightly. So, be sure you ultimately choose ones with at minimum 32 GB of storage. Far better, also consider those that allows external SD card insertion.

Battery Capacity

Your battery is crucial too. Can your phone battery work for no less than one day of normal usage? Bear in mind that a phone with a dead battery will be as good as an expensive paperweight. We propose at the very least 3,000 mAh. Anything under that, you certainly will be constantly looking for charging ports. The huge battery capacity is critical to back up the rising display size and frequent internet usage. Another battery killer would be the GPS function in smartphones nowadays. Alternatively, you really need to use a power bank together with you which is not cool.

Additional Features

Those stated above are commonly what you ought to know when it comes to a phone. However, since you don’t buy a brand new smartphone each day (most people only buy it every couple of years), it would not hurt to look for something with cool features, like Vivo’s dual camera phone, or anything with wireless charging. You’ll take pleasure in them!

When making a purchase, make perfectly sure that that you do not pay more than you desire in a phone. You don’t have to spend a lot to buy yourself a phone that suits your need. Despite the fact that iPhone is so famous now, there are tons of other brands out there that sell great budget smartphones that provide great value.