Subjects to avoid when talking to a pregnant woman

It is best to execute a sense of empathy when talking to anyone. However, more prevalence should be given whilst attending to pregnant women.Women are usually particularly sensitive during the course of pregnancy. It is conventional due to hormonal imbalance and distress.

Taking into account of their feelings and emotions is crucial as it will greatly affect their portrayal of themselves.


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It is self-explanatory, having a baby growing inside of them means that they will definitely put on an increasing amount of weight. There is no need for comparing the fact that one of them may have gained a lesser amount of weight as opposed to another individual.

They can slowly lose it off after post-pregnancy.

Baby names

Portraying a sense of condescending behaviour when someone tells you a list of potential baby names may seem destructive in nature. Everyone has different reasons as to why they picked a specific name for their own child. Instead of questioning the unquestionable, you have better things to devote your time too!


Women do not appreciate it when someone constantly tells them that they look extremely restless, or tired, or dull. Pointing out their flaws during a relatively difficult phase in their lives does not result in any form of grace. Neither will it benefit you, nor will it benefit them.

Options for labor and delivery

Choosing their own method for labor and delivery is completely up to them. If you believe that telling them otherwise would sway their opinions- They would greatly stand strong and affirm to the fact that they will be in charge of their own decisions.

Picking the things you should/ shouldn’t do during pregnancy

It is not a big deal to advise on what they should or should not do during pregnancy. But do not strictly condemn their actions if they believe that performing and executing that specific actions will be beneficial for their own goodwill.


Taking time for themselves and putting their needs above others is a priority especially during pregnancy. Although they may be concerned with other things such as their diet, and whether they are engulfing adequate nutrition, get a supplement called Similac Mom alongside their usual diet via