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Is air conditioning causing you to suffer from sickness?

Air in the house is very important when it is related to the health of your family, where you need to make sure that it is clean and free of bacteria that will lead to allergies. Most people blame dust and other forms of bacteria as well as the ventilation or aircon against their allergies, but the air that goes into your home also plays a major role.

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Indoor air more polluted than outdoor

Health experts warn that air in the house is two to five times more polluted than an outdoor air, so it is one of the smart ideas for testing air in your home is it polluted and has bacteria since home is the place where you relax and enjoy your free time. It is one of the spaces that make you feel comfortable, so it should be healthy and free from pollution including dust and allergens.

No indoor air flow

Some issues suggest the causes are that they more likely to close their homes, bad elements such as pests, fungi, spores, pollen, bacteria, viruses and hairs have been trapped inside the house. The contamination of the substance does not have a place to go, so it is surrounded by your aircon.

Furthermore, the dirty aircon system is also responsible for allergic reactions, which may be different from one to another. As a result, not only your health is affected but it can also prevent you from completing your daily tasks. Most people do not know about the importance of air quality and its effect on their overall health.

Severe and allergic air effects:


Pollen, dust, fungus, bacteria and pet fur may also lead to allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Unhealthy air can also be a source of trouble for allergies. It can worsen the symptoms and may also cause those with no allergies. The smell and chemical vapor will cause headaches, fatigue and allergic or allergic reactions.


Too much or too little humidity can also affect what you feel. The humid air causes sticky and the temperature inside the house gets hotter than usual. You may feel more comfortable when making aircon operates over time, but humidity can promote growth of fungi and bacteria that will cause allergies.

If you have allergies, the condition will be worse, which will lead to more problems. Never forget that fungus can also be one of the pollutants in your air conditioning system, which may trigger a toxin infection requiring hospitalisation. You need to take care of this aspect especially if your family members are very sensitive to fungus, which may be normal and can trigger serious allergic or allergic reactions.

In summary

It is also important for your aircond to be checked regularly in order to remove pollutants such as dirt, smoke particles, bacteria and fungi. Regular cleaning and disinfection of your aircond will prevent any fungus from spreading and affecting the health of everyone at home or at work.

Proper service and air conditioning cleaning can also help to reduce polluted internal air. With our many years of expertise in the disinfection of the water system, we will ensure that your waterways are clean, dust-free and healthy to ensure your health and your family.