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How to Engage Candidates as a Recruiter

Recruitment is all about building relationships with potential employees. You need to grab their attention and keep them engaged so your chances of hiring candidates on Jobstreet increases.

Cultivating relationships with candidates has many advantages, even if the company doesn’t plan to hire them in the end. Here’s how to engage with candidates for future benefits:

Speak about outcomes, not tasks

When a candidate asks about their job position and responsibility, your first reaction may be reading out the tasks stated in the job description. There’s nothing wrong about it, but the candidate has probably read them himself already.

Instead, try painting the bigger picture. For example, the candidate will have opportunities to be a part of a huge project that will create new trends or change the market. This method will grab the attention of the candidate and make them consider working for your company.

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Be transparent

Although you want to grab a candidate’s attention, you shouldn’t lead them on with false promises. You also shouldn’t give false hopes to candidates when you have no intention to move the candidate to the next step of the recruiting process.

Be honest when you speak to these candidates or it will hurt your employer branding. A candidate can feel frustrated if they catch you lying, and it may ruin your reputation in the long run.

Simplify the application process

Imagine this: you found the perfect candidate, he’s interested in your offer and both of you are going through the application process. Things seemed to be going well, but due to the long application process, the candidate becomes disinterested and moves on.

Your duty as an HR professional doesn’t end after an interview or after a candidate accepts a job offer. It’s your responsibility to ensure the application process is simple and straightforward so it doesn’t scare off any candidate.

Stay in touch

Just because you’ve rejected candidates, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain contact with them. There’s no guarantee that they won’t apply for a position in your company again in the future, so it doesn’t hurt to stay in touch.

Follow up with candidates that you’re interested from time to time, even if they decline the opportunity to work for you. Send them a holiday card or send an article of interest; these small steps will keep you at the back of their heads, and help build your talent pipeline.


Candidate engagement is a crucial part of attracting talented candidates in recruitment. Establish meaningful relationships with them and it will benefit your company in the long run.

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