Case Studies From Khairun Zainal Mokhtar (Tricubes Malaysia)

Khairun Zainal Mokhtar the CEO, has been doing several case studies with Tricubes. Technology company based in Malaysia, Tricubes provides a range of tech-based products in 2 defined segments, which are the enterprise mobility management system as well as the identity authentication system.

Currently, they are the market leader in the local scene, serving over 300 companies with more than 60,000 ID verification devices installed to smoothen up the client’s operational processes. This article is aimed to showcase the technological abilities of the products and services offered by Tricubes, specifically its Mobile to Enterprise (M2E) middleware platform.

Patrol Man Mobile Apps

1. Client Overview

The City Hall of Kuala Lumpur chose Tricubes’ Patrol Man solution for issuance and processing of traffic offences. Considering the volume of vehicles, extensive roadways and the large city jurisdiction that it has to cover, the enforcement officers are on duty to ensure the well-being and smooth running of the city. They are deployed over several precincts and are responsible for parking enforcement and issuing notices to errant motorists. 


The manual notice book previously used was cumbersome to carry, required a long time to fill out, and had to be re-entered into a database once the officer was back in the HQ.

This made the information susceptible to data entry errors. The local council agency wanted an effective system that would improve on the efficiency of the notice issuance and put in place a more effective means of post-issuance processing.


Mobile Computers and Printers for Notice Issuance 

Portable computing and printing devices with ergonomic features were issued to the field officers, which reduced issuance turnaround time from an average of about 3 minutes with the manual notice book to about 15 seconds using the mobile devices. In-built cameras are also used to capture pictorial evidence of the offence.

khairun zainal mokhtar

Self-Service Check-In Kiosk in Airline Services

One of Malaysia’s leading airlines is keen to evaluate alternative technologies that could further improve its overall cost management. One key area that was identified without compromising overall customer experiences is at check-in counters. With increased awareness of self-service automation, the client has entrusted Tricubes to deliver a self-service check-in kiosk in order to reduce its operating costs and enhanced passenger’s satisfaction.


Long queues and congestions at check-in counters during peak hours and festive seasons are among the issues faced by the client. Furthermore, there is also a need for an additional check-in method to cope with the occasional staff shortage at the airports.

Tricubes’ Solution

Windows 8 tablet application

The application software was developed on the MS Windows platform leveraging on the latest Window 8 tablet technology to ensure that the application is able to communicate with current and future external hardware and peripherals.