Samsung Galaxy Note FE Malaysia

A Brief Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Safer than its predecessor

The unfortunate recalling of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was quite an explosive episode, but Samsung has found a way to mitigate its losses by reintroducing the model as the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition.

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It is a good call on their part as it not only helps them recover financially but also reduce its negative environmental impact of disposing of so many unsold devices. Surprisingly, the Fan Edition was so well received in South Korea that Samsung decided to carry on with its production and sell some limited numbers in Malaysia!

Galaxy Note FE

Technical specifications

If you’re feeling skeptical about the new kid on the block, I get it. But you can’t ignore Samsung’s renewed determination in reproducing a safer version of its old counterpart.

So how is the Fan Edition safer? Well, it’s not exactly a recycled component of the devices that were recalled. Instead, Samsung cleverly decided to refurbish all the Note 7 smartphones that had not been sold.

After a post-mortem of sorts, Samsung identified the problem and its solution was to downgrade the battery from 3,500mAh to 3,200mAh. The physical battery was in fact also downsized as they recognized it posed much of the problems inherent in the Note 7.

To further put consumers’ minds at ease, they also ensured that the Fan Edition qualified the rigorous eight-point-battery-safety-test, so the chances of you ending up with a combustible phone is next to zero.

The Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition comes equipped with an added software known as the Bixby Virtual Assistant. It would’ve been introduced to the original Note 7 had it stayed on the market long enough. Other than that, the hardware is mostly the same, with the familiar S Pen stylus, iris recognition feature, and IP68 water resistance capability. It is also unmistakable with the words “Fan Edition” engraved on the back.

Get your hands on them now

If you’re not on the Apple bandwagon, you have a shot at purchasing the Galaxy Note Fan Edition for a mad bargain price today. The promotion is ongoing at the time of writing, so if you happen to be picking this up, visit Digi’s website now: