Facts about Babies

9 things to know about newborns

Having a newborn especially for the very first time may result in certain anxieties and obstacles. It is certainly traditional to feel a slight discomfort during the first few days. You may feel a sense of obligation to protect your child at all costs and to restrict yourself from performing anything spontaneous.

Baby looks slightly weird

Don’t worry, during the first few days, your baby may not look like the next prince charming or princess. Give it a while and they will surely but slowly blossom.


Your baby is always restless

Sleeping will be their favorite activity for the next few months or so. Allow for them to rest well in a comfortable environment.

Your baby’s hair may fall off

Trying to prevent your child’s hair from falling is not the slightest bit possible.

Don’t confine your baby solely at home

Take them outside to explore. Although they may not be able to walk yet, however, don’t forget that they have eyes to see and emotions to feel!

Your baby may not smile often

Your baby’s facial expression may remain the same. With their pouty lips and squinted eyes. They just recently landed on this place; allow for them to dissolve this information.

Your baby may look slightly orange once they get back home

Slight skin discoloration is extremely typical for most babies. With proper dieting and nutrients, it will fade back to the usual. We would highly suggest a supplement known as Pediasure, that is packed with important nutrients for your children. It contains all the elements, just as suggested in the food pyramid. Please visit the site at pediasure.com.my to find out more.

Your baby may not enjoy the feeling of being immersed in water

It is not a must to shower your baby daily. Considering the fact that they will mostly be cooped up in their cradles, it would be absolutely redundant.

Babies cry a lot

23/24 hours of the day will be bombarded with noises of your crying baby. You will miss it!

Eczema is prevalent in babies

Typical skin flare-ups and rashes are prominent in a newborn baby. Make sure to moisturize!


Newborns may be slightly complicated to deal with, and may take up a large proportion of your time, however, you will miss the little times in the future!