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3 Ultimate Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy

Productivity comes from happiness

It has long been known that the primary purpose of any businesses is to maximise profits. But, should you worry about your employee’s happiness with the job that they are being given?

Frankly speaking, happy employees will increase the productivity level of the company, especially in the light of today’s economic landscape.

When your employees are generally happy, engaged and loyal to the company, it automatically gives them the motivation to perform better. However, keeping them happy is not entirely an easy task, because it is an inside job which requires a huge effort from you. In order to transform the workplace to be a great place for your employees, you might want to consider the following guidelines:

Overall Transparency

A lack of understanding of any work or the company fits into the whole perception that employees are not being valued.

Therefore, a culture of transparency will align with the clarity of the employees towards the company’s challenges, plans as well as goals. This will make them feel like an important part of the team which allows you to get inputs which might not even be spoken up of if the chances are not there.

“When you create transparency, you can harness the full intelligence of the team, move faster and smarter, and achieve so much more together,” said Shirley Baumer, a product manager.

Show Your Appreciation

It is always a nice feeling when you are being recognised for the work you have done and contributions to the company. Nevertheless, fanfare or perks doesn’t necessarily mean appreciation.

Showing appreciation can be defined into several categories like verbal and written. For example, monetary values, acknowledgement by showing a “thumbs up” or a simple congratulation to the work.

It all makes such a huge difference to the lives of your employees.

Become An Example

You won’t lose anything when you lead by example. A “good” employer is the one that sets clear expectations on what needs to be done and when is it supposed to be done as well as where the whole thing goes after the employees have completed the responsibilities.

With this aspect, it helps to showcase a healthy leadership, set boundaries and sound direction towards them. For example, is it acceptable for your employees to come to work early and then leave work early as well? The more you outlined these little details, the more it will lead to happier employees.

Engagement is crucial

Appreciated employees are engaged employees. Most of the time, they know who they are and if the works they do matter for the whole company.

By prospering them, making them well-informed and respected is going to add more values to the business and the company as well. Visit JobStreet Malaysia at for more information.